Big Idea Word of the Month for March


Spending time with someone you trust and enjoy


 Dolphins form deep social bonds and spend much of their time with others. 




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School Events
4/24/2016 to 4/29/2016
•  Space Camp - 4th grade
•  AR Ends
•  Drum Ensemble Performance at Moody Elementary
•  Weather Day
5/2/2016 to 5/6/2016
•  Teacher Appreciation Week
•  Art Club Field Trip

Use family meetings to build family bonds

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Positive pictures make goals easier to reach

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A review sheet maps the route to test success

Share four strategies for boosting memory

To encourage responsibility, help your child think it through

Let nature inspire your child's creativity

Supervision and conversation promote cyber safety

In the gym and the classroom, sportsmanship counts

Children can solve problems, if you let them

Make a plan with the teacher to solve homework problems

Indonesia, Iran, Indiana: Map the way to geography success

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